Spread the sign

Spreadthesign – an international dictionary that aims to make all sign languages of the world accessible. This pedagogic self-learning tool is free to use for everyone in the world. http://www.spreadthesign.com

I’ve been working with Spread the sign more or less since 2008. I started working as an interpreter and performer at the project meetings around Europe, as an extra job on the side of being a full time interpreter for another company.

After a few years I quit my job as an interpreter and started working as a Production Assistance for The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools,  and from there I later went to work as a Production Manager for Spread the sign.

My work the past few years as the Production Manager at Spread the sign has been very rewarding. My main tasks has been to keep the project going and making sure that each team does their job to reach the common goals. I’ve been lucky to get to work with great sign language organisations around the world.


During the last year we’ve built a totally new website, where my job has been to work together with the developer to renew both the front-end and back-end. Besides this I’ve also put a lot of effort into the quality work, where we’ve removed as many old mistakes as possible – to make the site usable as a reliable source for learning sign language.

Other tasks within this job have been video recording and editing, proofreading, organizing meetings and to lecture. I’ve also been the contact person where I’ve answered all questions from the users around the world.