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2023.02.21 – 2023.02.24 – Training activities in Italy

For these learning, teaching and training activities we sent Eleonore and Elisabeth from the Swedish team.

This was held by Fondazione Instituto dei Sordi di Torino ONLUS in Torino, Italy, between 21-24th of February 2023.

Subjects focused on were introduction, use, preparation and uploading of the content to the system etc. of the distance education system within the scope of the project.

Trainings were given by Gökhan Kaya, general coordinator of the project.

2022.05.29 – Startup Meeting – Online meeting

Elisabeth and Vega participated in an online meeting via ZOOM. (The meeting should have been in Germany, but because of the pandemic and everything, we had an online meeting instead.)

Each partner of the project got to introduce themselves and then the coordinator organisation gave some information about the goals and rules of the program. We discussed our goal and objectives and the result we want. We talked about our target audience and our responsibilities. The coordinator organisation informed us all about the interim report and financial rules. We also talked about the activity plan.